Excerpt from Chapter 7: The Guardian by Tracy M. Kubiayk

First Serial Rights © Tracy M. Kubiayk

She didn’t eat much, leaving a piece of toast and half her cereal untouched. After breakfast, Billie went outside and sat on a swing. She opened the envelope.

Dear Billie, my little angel.

If you are reading this, then I must be gone. Don’t cry. Someday we will see each other again. I wish I could have stayed with you longer, but God has received me and needs me to be in heaven.

The day you were born was the happiest day of my life. When you were a baby I rarely talked baby talk to you. I talked to you, the little person you were. Every year you become even more beautiful, more special. This year you are ten years old. My little girl is growing up, and I know that you will one day become a true, beautiful woman. Although I cannot be there to answer your questions, here I write what needs to be said.

First, always remember that I will be with you in spirit, you are a part of me and I a part of you.

Second, do your homework and learn as much as you can.

Always treat others with goodness in your heart.

And, no matter what, always be yourself…

At this point Billie had to wipe the tears from her eyes to read on. She took a deep breath.

…These things will help you live a great life, and I know you will. But, there is more I need to tell you, Billie. We were going to have a talk when you turned twelve. Since I will not be there physically, I will tell you these things now, in this letter. You are an intelligent, thoughtful, and strong girl. I believe it right for you to know earlier than I learned.

Now, Billie, I want to tell you about the women in our family, about what I found out when I was twelve years old. Much of it you will need to discover on your own, that’s part of the process. But, it’s up to the mother to set her daughter on the path, as Grandma did for me.

The women in the Gwynn family, you, me, Grandma, Grandma’s mother, all of us down the line for the past three thousand plus years have a wonderful secret! Billie, we (and a few of the men in the family) have Fairy blood in us…

Billie’s eyes grew wide. She looked up from the page toward the house. Grandma was not looking out the window or anywhere Billie could see.

Since Billie turned ten on the Summer Solstice, her life had changed dramatically, and strange things happened. On her birthday her mom gave her the opal ring, saying it was magickal. A little over a week later the car accident happened and her mom had died. It was awful. She recalled how she felt like her life was over, too. Whatever she did, be it a bath or a lonely walk around the yard, she had felt like a ghost, just going through the movements.

Until, near the end of the summer, while tending her garden, she had thought she saw a sprite. Now she wondered if her Fairy blood made it possible to see Fairies. After the sprite sighting, a few weeks ago, she starting having the strange dreams, extremely visual dreams. She wondered if they had anything to do with this. The buck in the woods, and the engraving on the well, all these thoughts made her more curious. She continued the letter.

…You’re probably wondering what this means. It means many things really. Our love of nature is one thing that becomes enhanced. You will learn many things in the weeks and years to come. You will learn about visions and magick, about beauty and responsibility, about friendship and family. You will find courage and strength and peace.

I will try to explain clearly what it means to have Fairy blood. You and Grandma live on earth in your world. I am in heaven, which is connected to your world on a higher level. This you know. What you don’t know, Billie, is that there are other worlds.

I’m not talking about aliens and other solar systems far far away. I’m talking about worlds parallel to ours that are accessible by portals. A few people, including our family, know about one of these worlds and where the portals are. I’m talking about the world of Fairy…

Billie’s mouth dropped open. She was in awe at what her mother had written. The sun was getting warmer as the morning grew brighter. She moved from the swing to lay down on the grass and continue reading.

…Fairy must be protected. And, it must not be forgotten. Listen up, my little angel, I have one more story to tell.

A very long time ago the earth went through a process, like recycling. When this happened, Fairy became a separate, parallel world. After some time a few Fairies came to live in our world.

Three portals exist. Each portal has two sides, one side being in Fairy and one in our world. While there are three Fairies protecting and guarding those portals in the land of Fairy, it also became necessary to protect the portals on our side. Therefore a few of them lived here, specifically for that reason.

Through the years these Earth Fairies evolved with the people in our world. Some of them went back to live in Fairy while others chose to live here; but, the guardians never forgot their responsibility to protect the three portals. There are always three with the Fairy blood who are destined to protect their portals. That’s where we come from, Billie. One of those portals is right here, in Wild Rose, Wisconsin. The portal exists within the magick of the well on our land. Grandma was a Guardian of the Well when she was young. Then she had me. When I turned twelve, I started my training in order to take her place. Now it’s your turn, Billie. But you cannot wait until you’re twelve. As I mentioned before, there is a guardian in Fairy protecting the portal from that side. Since I have been gone, I’m pretty sure the King Stag of our woods, with some assistance from Grandma, has been protecting the well, the portal on our side. He, the King Stag, has his own duties to the land. We cannot continue to rely on him, and Grandma should be relaxing during her well deserved early retirement. It is up to you, Billie, to become the new Guardian of the Well. You can embrace this calling and fulfill your destiny if you believe it is right for you. It is your decision. I have raised you as your own person and to make decisions. I hope you will accept this challenge. It will be a challenge, Billie. You are a smart girl. I have confidence you will succeed.

This letter and the knowledge that it brings is the first step. The second step is going into Fairy to discover its beauty. Then, you’ll go back for an introduction, which will most likely be given by Theena, a very nice priestess and teacher. Finally, an initiation, a test. After you finish this letter, think hard about it. Tell Grandma your decision. If you decide not to do it she will need to find another. In that case, please urge her to find another soon, because, although she’s in her fifties and seems young, it is no longer her time.

If you decide to go ahead, I left a second letter with Grandma. Read it, and begin your journey. The initiation quest must be completed in order to become a guardian. You can ask Grandma questions before you begin. And, on your first trip, you don’t have to go in alone if you don’t want to. You can bring in one or two trustworthy friends.

You’ll discover that it is up to you to complete your testing, along with the guardian training, which will take place after you pass initiation. If you make it to the training, and I’m sure you will, Alexa will be your teacher. She’s a young priestess and the Fairy Guardian of the Well on the other side of our portal.

I need to reiterate that this is a secret shared only by a select few. Our family, of course, knows. Other girls and women (like Aunt Heather) have known about it, but very few boys or men know our secret. For now, you mustn’t tell any boys. The world is frightened of the unknown and is not ready for this knowledge. It is okay to share this with one or two close friends, but they must be girls you trust absolutely. When I was twelve I started a secret club. We called ourselves The Sisterhood. Auntie Heather and one other friend I had (who moved away when she was in the tenth grade) were in this club. I trusted these two friends to keep the secret, and they did. The three of us went in together, but it was up to me to complete my initiation alone. It is our family line that has a responsibility to fulfill.

Lastly, I want you to know that if you decline and don’t want to be a guardian, you will still be able to visit Fairy, but an untrained only gets four visits. If they make a fifth visit, it is nearly impossible for them to return. For some reason no magick will get an untrained back after a fifth visit. Tell your friends this, too, if you decide to take them. They are allowed only four visits. I suggest saving the fourth for them and bringing them in once, twice or three times maximum. It’s possible they might want the fourth visit later.

Good luck, honey. And know that whatever you decide it will be the right decision. Trust your instincts. I am with you always. You are my greatest joy. May God and Goddess bless you.



Billie didn’t need to think on a decision, she knew it was her path. Deep down she felt unthought questions, questions she never brought to the surface, were being answered. She just knew this was right. And amazing. And exciting. She went inside to find Grandma and get the other letter.


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