Sappho’s Leap, A Novel by Erica Jong

5/5 STARS: An Eloquent Journey

Sappho was known as the mortal muse. It explains how inspired I was while reading this book. In fact, after this, I will share two poems I wrote during my journey.

I took my time enjoying this read– a little bit every morning. I found every bit of this novel fascinating. Perhaps because I have a Greek heritage, perhaps because I have written many poems in my past, perhaps because Erica Jong is an excellent writer. Most likely, all three. Half way through I looked her up and picked out a few more of her books to add to my list.

Not only has this book inspired me to write poetry again, it has also stimulated me to read poetry again. In my youth Sylvia Plath was one of my favorites, so it’s no wonder I loved this so much (Jong compares Sappho to Plath in the Afterword.) Jong added her own poetry at the end of the novel. I liked VII the best, and I look forward to rereading all of them.

I am a very spiritual person, too. So, I felt even closer to the main character for this reason.

If you enjoy Greek mythology and famous quotes, you will probably enjoy this dreamy novel. I like to think it’s a biography, but we only know so much about Sappho’s writings and her history (mostly bits and legends). I am grateful to Erica for writing it.

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