Evoking the Daughters of Zeus

TMK poetry

Our planted seeds sprout memories

Graceful blooming remedies.

We welcomed life

Drummed a beat

Began a new year’s melody.

Grateful rain danced

feeding souls

bossa nova or zydeco

we tapped a few

as thunder rolled.

Clouds parted

toward twilight strolls

warm nights,

private scrolls.

The days blended like sunsets…

Palettes of Gods kissing Goddesses

I heard you nudge me forward

I stepped

Walking on water with my pen.

Sing with me, muse,

One last summer song

through wind and wave

As time moves on

May the sun’s rays caress

these golden locks

I curl my toes in sand

while skipping rocks.

When leaves scatter

as my hair turns gray

Let our harmony



And when snowflakes fall

I hibernate

A dormant volcano

on the edge of the sea

while Pegasus flies over me.

May I call you forth

again in Spring?

Your presence wakes me

helps me breathe

Enjoying life

As long as my fate may be.

-Tracy M. Kubiayk, 08-15-2019, All rights reserved.

Image found on facebook: Carol Denning’s group, In the Mists of Avalon

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