A TMK Book Review of Taking Wing, by Annie Dalton


I drove for an hour to visit a friend– our main goal: to find treasure! There was a going-out-of-business sale at a used book store just twenty minutes north of her place in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I ended up with nearly 20 books, and this was one of my treasures. The copyright is 2002, so this review is outdated, but not for me. And frankly, it kind of bothers me that so much information gets lost online because it was posted in the past (but that’s a different blog).

Smooth reading with just the right emotion as visuals pop out at you through the eyes of a young girl. England, 1592– Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare! Oh, what a time for art! Yet, the eagerness, naivety and loneliness of childhood are the same no matter what century.

This wasn’t edge-of-your-seat suspenseful, but it was so enjoyable to read that I kept on as long as my mornings permitted me. I wonder how long it would take a 7-11 year old to read. My own middle-grade novel is longer than this, but it is also meant to be enjoyed by all ages! My story moves along at the same speed as this one, with a bit of adventure as well– so this really was a good fit for me. I think stories like these are the perfect kind for adults to read to kids as a bonding experience. They are also good for kids to read themselves to make learning fun.

The fear and excitement that Isabel, the main character, feels is so pure that the reader remembers being a child, and it is wonderful. We feel for her and are proud of her. Great job, Annie Dalton!

During my browse through the children’s book section of that book store that is now out of business, I had found two other books from the Girls of Many Lands series. I went online and bought two more from sellers on Amazon. I cannot wait to read them!

-Tracy M. Kubiayk

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