Ode to You, Crocodile – TMK Poetry

Ode to You, Crocodile

Silent swimmer
Your old soul frightens me
Behind your eyes
an ocean of possibilities--
I cry for you,
keeper of secrets,
as you watch, wait,
snatch the next memory.
Twice you swallowed the clock
Leaving me in Neverland
to bask in the sun
far from you, fierce one...
smiling at my mischief
Wind in our hair
feet in the air
Blazing kindred spirits
Oh, what delight!
What existence!
As I gaze into crystal waters
I see you now,
wise one--
Your hatchlings growing
by the hour.
They are strengthened by your sweat
They are like you, my friend,
A force
to be reckoned with!
When you dodge away,
riding currents with the stars above
I will remain
Forever young
on my island--
bathing seaside beneath limitless sky
singing songs of love.
Perhaps someday you will hear a chant
A nudging dream asking for some thing
It is me! It is me!
And I want to dance!
  -Tracy M. Kubiayk
All rights reserved.

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