Announcement: My Poetry and Fiction Writing

In college, I wrote under my birth name (and I once used my Greek name). After I found my voice, I published under a pseudonym. She died. I then wrote mostly (unpublished) fiction under my birth name. However, after careful consideration I have decided to set apart some of my current and future writings and reserve them for publication under a new pseudonym. For now, the only exception to this are non-fiction shares under Blog: Musings, my Book Reviews, Haiku I have written and will continue to write, and a to-be-published children’s short story collection.

In other words, all recent and new work– my novels, short stories, and poetry– will now be signed by my new name; their mention and shares are now removed from this site.

Why? Because sometimes there is more freedom in anonymity. There is also more safety. And, I picked out a name I love– for each phase of life is a different journey and constitutes a different name. There may even be a third pseudonym, for I am not yet the crone.

Thank you for reading!

All my love,


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