This morning by cousin shared a post by Karilyn Ivers which read: Behind your anger is the hope that things could be different than they are. / You will only change this hope into realilty when you stop avoiding, resisting and reacting to your anger… / and learn to process it instead. / Free Challenge Begins 2/10/2020 Join Now! Link in Bio @KARILYNIVERS

That was the entire post. And it got me thinking…

Want to loose that victim mentality? You have to go deep and allow yourself to feel it, the hurt and anger (and perhaps even guilt). Feel it. Release it all. Then pray. Then acknowledge the release, feel the light, and move forward. This is one way to rise above it all.

I’ve always been able to enjoy the little things in life. Even during the shit. But it happens more often after you release the anger. This is more than forgiveness, it’s transcending.

I’ve had highly spiritual experiences in the past, such as mind communication, comfort from the Holy Spirit, out-of-body experience, foreknowledge through dream, divine communication, rebirth. These were all surprises to me. Other times I have sought spiritual experiences through conscious practice. I think this post involves both– meaning it just happens and it’s intentional insomuch as you allow yourself to let it happen. It wasn’t the source of my “awakening,” but it happened for me during my year of awakening (2017). Since then I have been able to enjoy the little things even more. I’ve been able to say ‘no’ even more. I’ve been able to accept things even more. I’ve been more active in self improvement and self education of particular things related to my every day living.

As I grow older and continue to learn I will continue to love the moon, the sunsets, the breeze, the birds, my cat, my breakfast, time with another, sunshine and snowfalls… you get the idea.

Ultimately, it’s so much better than hiding or running.

Peace and love.


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