The Christian Church

I think some people don’t go to church because they have found it boring, they feel they won’t fit in, they have preconceived notions about all churches, or it’s not the right time for them. Others may be afraid of finding something good and they don’t want to experience something new along that line. Others simply don’t believe in the Bible.

Some churches can be boring. However, many churches today are changing that. They are playing better music, they are talking about love with passion, they are doing fun activities in fellowship. I think, if you want to go to church, but find it too boring, you might want to seek a different church.

“The Church” is not just the Catholic church anymore. There are many more churches. Some have strict rules, others are much more liberal (I don’t use this word politically). But no church that I know of will kick you out. And you don’t have to believe every single little thing the church leaders preach or believe themselves. The congregation (attendees of the church) is made up of humans just like you and me with faults just like you and me; so, to assume there won’t be disagreements and tensions between people is to expect too much. You could be missing out on finding new friends, or feeling that sense of community (fellowship) and acceptance and love that the right church could bring you. Some churches do a lot for the community and the world. You could discover that charity work is a fulfilling contribution to society that is helpful to others and to yourself. You won’t know unless you seek and ask.

Some people are afraid of the word “Jesus.” It makes them uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Some people are afraid a money-hungry organization will take advantage of them. Some people’s fear is that they’ll fall into the wrong religion and end up in a cult. My advice, do your research. If you’re desperate, ask a trusted friend whom you believe has a good head on his/her shoulders. When you find the right path for you, the word “Jesus” won’t scare you anymore, and His name will bring peace and strength to you instead.

“I don’t believe the Bible because it was written by man.” This is what some say. I’d like to point out that it was written by many men, some prophets, some teachers, some sinners, some disciples. It was the hand of God that guided these people. True, the Catholic church may have censored some of the original writings– choosing what can stay and what has to go, but that may have been what was meant to be and what was needed for the collective at that time. God can make moves through man. His angels use us, too, to do his works. So to say you don’t believe in the Bible because it was written by man– I understand, but there is an explanation/discussion to be made here. It was something I had questioned once, as well. But I thought, if I’m going to question the Bible, maybe I should read it first. So I did.

The Bible talks about fear of God, being God-fearing, etc. It is not until it is the right time in one’s life that they will learn what this truly means. If you are reading this and have the same question, now might be that time for you. The word ‘fear’ had a different meaning in biblical times. Even the church got it wrong through the years. History of the English language proves that word meanings can change through the years. What the Bible is talking about when referring to this fear, is in actuality– AWE. God is too much for us to comprehend. That’s one reason why he sent his son, Jesus, to earth– a man, (and also the son of God and also the Holy Spirit). This way our minds could understand God in a way our human minds work.

These are my Friday thoughts. I hope they helped someone. God bless.


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