There are a lot of people out there who are hurting. They are plagued by feelings of hurt or fear or guilt. Or, they have made poor choices in the past and are now constantly battling these demons. They are lost, feel alone, and desperately need help. They seek help by crying out on social media or searching the internet. They might make an appointment with a life coach, or a certified therapist. They might seek help from a church, or find a self-help book. I pray these people find the light, and soon. I pray they find the RIGHT help, what works for them and will never hurt them. I pray they see their angels.

The problem is that there is so much information out there. Some people are truly trying to help but in actuality are causing harm. Others are predators seeking someone to join their agenda (like terrorists) or wanting to take advantage and steel your money (fakes) or power seekers (cult leaders). There are also fanatics who want you to join them. Google describes religious fanaticism as uncritical zeal or with an obsessive enthusiasm related to one’s own, or one’s group’s devotion to a religion. Meaning they accept only their own beliefs and not others. But I think fanatics are people with unstable minds who have twisted truths and commit radical acts in the name of their beliefs. Every religion, and even today’s new-age spiritualists, have some fanatics. Christian, Islam, Hindu, Jewish, and if you go back far enough in history even Buddhism had fanatics (sometimes it’s political–be it war or rebellion or some agenda, sometimes it’s racial, sometimes it’s power hungry haters, sometimes it’s the unstable minds seeking other unstable minds in order to breed darkness– the point is that they are out there).

Let me tell you one thing first and foremost: Anyone who hurts another physically (by harm or encouraging self-harm), or mentally (by belittling or any other form of mental abuse), or spiritually (by brainwashing) is NOT someone you want to follow. So how do we know who to trust? I touched on this a little in Friday’s blog. Ask yourself this: Are their results good? Their teaching, their children, their students, their activities thereafter will show this. And, plain and simple: DO RESEARCH.

But more of an answer came to me today: CHECK SCRIPTURE. If what your teacher/preacher/counselor/guru/therapist/author/etc is telling you lines up with the New Testament, then it is more likely good, right teaching (even if it isn’t Christian-based teaching).

Yes, life (and the Bible) has contradictions– but, if you look to your higher self, look to the Holy Spirit, look to LOVE, look into your heart, you will be able to see the truth. Pray for guidance. Prayer works.

So, how do we choose what to believe in or who to trust in this age of information overload?

1- Do your research.

2- Does it line up with the Word.

3- Does it feel right to me.

To expand on number three– Follow your heart. But also follow your mind.

Joy is different than happiness. Joy is pure and unselfish. Follow your heart. Does it give you joy, do you feel good about it?

Ask God for an answer, but how do you know if the answer is from God? Well, one way is to follow peace. God will give us a peaceful spirit about taking the next step. Decisions based on fear inevitable bring trouble. ALLOW GOD’S GUIDANCE.

By follow your mind I mean be reasonable. In my notes from one of Joyce Meyer’s sermons, I jotted down this: Prudence is careful judgment that allows someone to avoid danger. The ability to govern and discipline one’s self by the use of reason.

If you try to do what’s RIGHT, and are careful about how you spend your time, and make good choices– really think about what you’re choosing do to–tell yourself the truth– you will be more likely to make the wise choice.

Some people are so lost that they don’t know the difference between right and wrong anymore. I think these people need to get away from their situation, or get away from someone in particular for a while. Spending time alone can be helpful. Other people are lonely. To them, I say– you are not alone. God IS with you.

To highlight, I repeat: Tell yourself the truth.

Lastly, I’d just like to add, for those people who are hurting. Take care of yourself step-by-step. Start with good hygiene. Then, eat a healthy meal. Then, take a walk or do some light exercise or yoga. Then, clean up the place– get rid of the clutter. Next– meditate or do some relaxation technique, or balance your chakras, or get a massage, or go to a chiropractor, or go to an acupuncturist– do this once in a while. Live like this, taking care of yourself. And, pick up the Bible. Read the Psalms. The point I’m making here is to take action, even a little step.

Thanks for reading.


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